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Hi, I just joined and my husband and I have a very serious problem… - What do you worry about?

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March 2nd, 2005

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01:05 am
Hi, I just joined and my husband and I have a very serious problem that I hope you can help us with.

There's this 9-year-old girl. She's in a terrible situation which includes alcoholism, educational deprivation, domestic violence against the mother (with priors on the books) AND against the child, etc. by the mother's boyfriend. The mother also slaps the girl around. The biological father is dying of alcoholism. Both the mother and the boyfriend AND the dying father agree that the girl needs daily beatings (she is not a bad child. She is merely reacting to her situation). My husband and I are trying to determine the best way to get her away from that household. We spoke with several people -- a former employee of DFCS, someone at the CPS in Arizona (long story), and our good friend who is Captain of the Dekalb Marshall's office. We are trying to figure out the best way to alert the authorities while minimizing the chances that the girl will be "punished" for bringing the authorities to their door. This means that after the complaint is filed, we'd like to see the girl removed from the home immediately and the adults and witnesses interviewed.

We have to act now because the family is leaving for Arizona on Monday. The case will be stronger if we involve the authorities here before they leave.

We'd like to get the girl here. We don't want her being sent back into that situation and we don't want her foundering in mediocre foster care. We'll adopt her if given half a chance.

We're fully aware of the risks of our getting involved. Our concern over this situation can't be explained. It may end in heartache, but we're willing to take that chance in order to save this girl.

Any and all resources any of you have that may apply to this situation would be greatly appreciated, no matter how remote.


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