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Finally completed is my zine- "Disorder". It comes in at a giant 80 pages (A5 sized), with a black cover and hand stencilled title. It includes my birth story, "breakdown story" and recovery. When I started this, I just wanted to get all of what I was thinking out my head, then I thought that I should make a zine out of it because I knew that some of my friend's would be interested in reading it. But the one thing that really pulled me through the hard times was knowing that I wasn't alone, that there were other people out there that went through and were going through, exactly what I was feeling.

So I asked around various Livejournal communities for people to answer seven questions about any particular disorders that they suffered from. I was expecting 2 or 3 responses but I got slammed with about 25. Now that it's completed, it's ready for anyone else who'd like a copy. I'm charging as cheap as I possibly can for it, basically just to cover postage costs. I don't want to make a profit and am in fact, out of pocket with this endeavour. But if it helps someone, anyone out there - then it's worth it.

To anyone that contributed that is awaiting their copy, please be patient! I've mailed out two copies to the two people that paid postage. As I'm paying for postage for the rest, I can only mail them out when I get the chance financially.

I'm happy to answer any questions. Paypal links are behind the cut, if you really want a copy and don't have paypal, I'm sure we can arrange something. Use xe.com if you're unsure of current exchange rates.


Thanks guys!

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Hi there, I have just joined this community as I feel I need someone to talk to or sound off to about what I'm currently going through.

Since two years ago having been through a mastectomy and vertially losing my job because of it, I haven't been able to get back into proper employment properly for some time now. I did manage to eventually get another job a few months later, but then after only a few months there was made redundant. Since then I haven't been able to find a) a job I can stick at or b) one that pays enough. Since I am also up to my eyes in debt and now I am completely out of work and it would take a good six weeks to be able to claim job seekers allowance and anyway this will be taken straight off me by the CSA who I also owe money to anyway - another long story that would take too long now but basically wasn't my choice and I felt bullied into.

Anyway, not only do I have no job, no money, debts a plenty on top of this my mother had a nasty fall this Friday and she lives with my frail elderly dad out in the sticks of Norfolk as opposed to where I live in Milton Keynes. She has broken one of her neck vertibrae and will need looking after etc. My elder sister is looking after my dad and trying to sort things out at the moment (she normally lives in Croydon) but she is in ill health as well and in a relationship she feels trapped in and that I wish I could help her get out of.

On top of that I am also currently going through a court battle to have visitation rights to see my son, who I haven't seen in two years as his father wont let me.

To say I have enough on my plate is an understatement, I just feel completely frustrated, angry and depressed as I feel this is just too much to cope with and I feel like I'm going round in circles and I don't know how to resolve everything.

zine about depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, etc etc etc

Hi guys!

I was in the process of scribbling out my outline for a anxiety/ panic disorder zine that I am doing when I realised that the reason I am doing this is because I find that reading other people's experiences with anxiety, their symptoms, their coping mechanisms, what meds they take etc etc - is a really really big help to me. Often just knowing that someone feels the same way as you do is a big enough help in itself. And I would absolutely love to have people's input on this. So, behind the cut is a list of questions and if you want to participate - email the answers to disorderzine@hotmail.com.

Everyone who contributes will get a free copy, postage paid on my behalf (I'm in Australia, so postage can be a bitch - if this doesn't prove to you how keen I am to do this, I don't know what will!) And if you don't want to contribute but want a copy - let me know so I have an idea of how many to organise. If not a great deal of people are interested - the zine will be free to everyone who wants one. If it's more popular than I expect - I'll charge a small fee payable via paypal, bank deposit (australia), money order etc. But really, I'm going to try and distribute as many copies as I can free of charge.

finally, should i make updates about this project via this community, or would you guys prefer to join a seperate one to keep track of progress? or should i contact the people interested via email? let me know your thoughts.

you can answer whichever questions you like, but i'd prefer if you could answer them all. in brackets are prompts to help you answer, just to let you know what i am kind of looking for. also, if you have suggestions for any other questions that you'd like to see answered - let me know. and if you know of any other communities, or people (whether it be livejournal or elsewhere) that may be interested in this project - please let me know! or at least get this info out there so that i can get as many experiences together as i possibly can. whereas i am primarily dealing with panic and anxiety - i am happy to have anything on any other disorders as well (bipolar, depression, etc etc etc). i'm about to investigate myspace and see whether there's any groups on there that would be interested in participating. i want this to be huge!

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Ruby & I

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To all I write this, in hope that someone out there has been in this situation or can even offer some advise that can help in the long run or mostly to help with the pain.

My name is Brenda, im 18 and just finished high school in Australia, here is my story.

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I'm new...

Well,I guess I have to start by saying that I worry too damn much.Right now,my worries are of:My boyfriend(of soon to be 5 months) doesn't fell the same way anymore,though he tells me that he does and that,I may be or may become pregnant,though that's stupid,because of a surgery I can't.

I know,these are stupid worries,that I shouldn't even be thinking about,but I can't help it.I'm going to talk to my boyfriend tonight,because he's coming home...hopefully I'll feel better and I'll be making an appointment with the doctor soon,just for reassurance.
I joined,because I can't/don't really know how to talk to anyone about this.
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Hi, I just joined and my husband and I have a very serious problem that I hope you can help us with.

There's this 9-year-old girl. She's in a terrible situation Collapse ) My husband and I are trying to determine the best way to get her away from that household. We spoke with several people -- a former employee of DFCS, someone at the CPS in Arizona (long story), and our good friend who is Captain of the Dekalb Marshall's office. We are trying to figure out the best way to alert the authorities while minimizing the chances that the girl will be "punished" for bringing the authorities to their door. This means that after the complaint is filed, we'd like to see the girl removed from the home immediately and the adults and witnesses interviewed.

We have to act now because the family is leaving for Arizona on Monday. The case will be stronger if we involve the authorities here before they leave.

We'd like to get the girl here. We don't want her being sent back into that situation and we don't want her foundering in mediocre foster care. We'll adopt her if given half a chance.

We're fully aware of the risks of our getting involved. Our concern over this situation can't be explained. It may end in heartache, but we're willing to take that chance in order to save this girl.

Any and all resources any of you have that may apply to this situation would be greatly appreciated, no matter how remote.


Your help will make a difference

First of all sorry if following is offtopic. Really.

My name is Andrew Skolov and I'm from Russia. I have a wife and alittle daughter. I'll write more about myself in my LJ (which I've just started and I'll appreciate new friends greatly), so if anyone would like to know me better - check my blog.

The reason why I've decided to turn to you, people, is a bit different.
Last years I'm becoming more and more concerned about rather sad changes in society. Sometime just before the New Year I had a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about modern world, about human's place in it, about relations between people. And my friend said that unfortunately relations between the people are not improving despite the lessons of history, general progress, improvement of communication means and everything else. Moreover, people are loosing trust in each other, people become suspicious. He said that helping others, especially strangers (independantly of their situation and nature), is often taken as "being dum and naive", that human kind is becoming "suspicious, evil and fraudulent", that people tend to exploit each other and are using for that most sacred sides and qualities of the human nature. We talked and discussed this subject till the morning.
Such appeared and idea of my "Funds For Fun" project. It has two goals. Primarily I want to proove people who think similar to that friend of mine (who is just a great blocke, mind you) wrong. And secondly I hope to improve my own well-being and to make all kinds of nice things to my family, to my friends and to help those who are in need.

I'd really appreciate if you visit my site (its my first one BTW so please be indulgent), especially main and "About" pages and probably take part in the project. Also if you can publish link to that site everywere you can and to tell about my project to as many people as possible - that would be just great.

The "Funds For Fun" site is located here: http://www.skolov.front.ru.

I REALLY need your help.

cross-posted er... almost everywhere
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We're really worried that a certain someone who stopped it from happening again is going to find out it happened before, and that that might make his opinion change. And we're worried that he'll find out about us.

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Hello, just joined. Doesn't seem to be much action here, maybe we can get things going.?

I worry alot, and am stressed out all the time. It can be everyday stuff, hubby, kids, my low self-esteem, the list goes on and on. My brain doesn't get a moments peace, and today I quit smoking. YAY!! We'll see how long it lasts. ;)

I'm going to give this comm a try, if it doesn't pick up, I'll probably leave. :(
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I just joined , and yes i´m very worried so many things ! I´m happy i found you - you know - lucky to be with you !!
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