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Fraught - What do you worry about?

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May 1st, 2006

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07:43 pm - Fraught
Hi there, I have just joined this community as I feel I need someone to talk to or sound off to about what I'm currently going through.

Since two years ago having been through a mastectomy and vertially losing my job because of it, I haven't been able to get back into proper employment properly for some time now. I did manage to eventually get another job a few months later, but then after only a few months there was made redundant. Since then I haven't been able to find a) a job I can stick at or b) one that pays enough. Since I am also up to my eyes in debt and now I am completely out of work and it would take a good six weeks to be able to claim job seekers allowance and anyway this will be taken straight off me by the CSA who I also owe money to anyway - another long story that would take too long now but basically wasn't my choice and I felt bullied into.

Anyway, not only do I have no job, no money, debts a plenty on top of this my mother had a nasty fall this Friday and she lives with my frail elderly dad out in the sticks of Norfolk as opposed to where I live in Milton Keynes. She has broken one of her neck vertibrae and will need looking after etc. My elder sister is looking after my dad and trying to sort things out at the moment (she normally lives in Croydon) but she is in ill health as well and in a relationship she feels trapped in and that I wish I could help her get out of.

On top of that I am also currently going through a court battle to have visitation rights to see my son, who I haven't seen in two years as his father wont let me.

To say I have enough on my plate is an understatement, I just feel completely frustrated, angry and depressed as I feel this is just too much to cope with and I feel like I'm going round in circles and I don't know how to resolve everything.

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